On Labor Day, I flew to Phoenix. After getting into the hotel and checked in, I barely walked into my 5th floor hotel room and I got a text message. It was a former photo student of mine wondering what I was doing in town and wanting to meet up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sync up this trip.

Tuesday was a mix of wandering the area and catching up with a few folks. The hotel is near a mall and movie theater I visited on my first trip to Phoenix. It was interesting to see it on its last legs, possibly before remodeling, and how the Walmart next door had influenced the mall business and traffic itself.

Wednesday the Airbrush Art Circus was ready, with some usual acts, some new classes, and some of the same class clowns as San Antonio.

While a bit smaller than San Antonio, it still was action packed. This time, everyone could much more easily walk around and check everything out.

I took Scott MacKay’s “Down and Dirty Tricks” class, which was a good extension of the previous class I took with him. I’m finally wrapping my head around some of what I want to do with a plotter.

Thursday was more class fun and followed by a nice lecture on LumiLor. I need to work out a couple of things, but I think I may be lighting up a Unicorn or another project soon. I need to do a bit of refresh work and ask a few questions before I even think about ordering the materials.

Friday, we wrapped up the core assignments, and started on the LumiLor project. After class wrapped up and a good meal with Jeff Chamberlain, it was time to hang out at the pool before calling it a night.

Saturday was a bit hectic, but everyone wrapped up their panels. We started to pack some things up, in preparation for Sunday’s digital domain workshop.

The Sunday lecture and handouts really helped to understand what I felt I was missing about the dark arts of plotters. I still need to review some, but I feel confident enough to start making headway on my ideas before investing in the machine and materials.

We packed up the Circus and sent it on its merry way. It was nice to have a few last conversations with the stragglers until next time.

Time for me to get dinner, and finish packing for my flight back home tomorrow.

Until next time…