Every now and then, something goes horribly wrong in the Unicorn Shop. I guess I was overdue for something like this.

I had a feeling I should have waited a day to start on a complicated project. I didn’t.

I tried to rush things. I skipped an minor detail that is incredibly important.

When I tried to error correct, I scraped through paint down to surface.

Lost sleep, day job stress, and some other factors lead to cleaning up, going to my bedroom, and crying. I somehow survived grad school without a breakdown like this.

I know I’ll still make a great piece in the end, but it all added up to a cathartic cry.

So, I’ll begin again by sanding, and being more careful next time. Including a better checklist and working slower. There’s some proclivities to this process, but I can do it better this next go round.

This isn’t the first time a minor detail gets burnt into my mind as a “never forget this detail.” I guess it was time for that to happen again with paint instead of a camera.