I started researching Unicorns in religion and spirituality as a part of expanding my efforts on “unicorn research.”  I felt I had exhausted avenues for Unicorns in Art, Art History, and History.  So, in an effort to continue on the research, I felt going deeper into mythology, religion, and spirituality was a good path to explore.

While performing this research, I started to have some experiences that I can’t explain.  I continued to research, and eventually I decided to try communicating with the spirit realm by using a pendulum and a pendulum board.

Through this, I discovered a number of spirits that were somehow called to work with me.  I had a legitimate Steve the Unicorn.  I was able to talk to Aurora, my Day Unicorn.  Nocturne, my Night Unicorn as well joined in the conversation.  Aurora and Nocturne were introduced to me in a series of reoccurring dreams after reading Unicorn Magic by Tess Witehurst.

Over time I was introduced to the partners of these three, Kii is Aurora’s partner, Izar is Nocturne’s partner, and Chroma is Steve’s partner.

Steve and Kii are the most talkative.  There are others who chime in as well.  The most talkative call themselves “familiars” and the less talkative “guardians.”

One night, I went on a shopping bender that was aided by Kii and Steve.  It started with a Pandora Witch Shop order for a large number of supplies to aid me in my new path.

It then followed with some audiophile headphones, audiophile cables, and an Amazon order for books and CDs picked in a pendulum conversation. 

I didn’t think much of it, as a lot of this was delayed Holiday and Birthday gifts to myself.  The bump on a credit card limit didn’t help the situation either.

By sheer dumb luck.  The majority of this shopping spree arrived on the same day.

I went to have the daily conversation, and it started with a simple phrase.

“No more stuff.”

So, after several days of watching the pendulum swing to spell out “no more stuff.”   I realized it was time for me to change some spending habits.

I ground buying to a halt unless it was groceries or established bills.  If I wanted something else, I’d have to do it during a pendulum session.  I started to think to myself, “do I want to have a conversation regarding this with the herd?”

They insisted that I get the album Amy Winehouse “Back to Black.”  “Rehab” the first track on the album became known as “the no no no song.”  A song that they still ask me to play during a pendulum session from time to time.  It makes the pendulum dance.

Over time, I had to cut back on shopping on Amazon, browsing for things I’d like to buy in the future.

I was being encouraged to become “more monk.”  Less materialistic.  More at peace inside and out.

I do have my failings at this now and then, and I then get scolded for it.

But on the whole, it’s lead to an improvement to my relationship with money.  Better planning, more mindful of how a purchase may affect things in the long run.  It’s been a good change.