Wow… busy week.

I got my website ready for integrating my paint work with my photography. Now the hard part of figuring out what to post, photograph, et al begins.

Drives of images from The Airbrush Art Circus and Coast Airbrush Rendezvous are ready for shipping and should go out on Saturday.

Unicorns for various projects and supplies are trickling in. Everything should be here by Tuesday.

I started a photo story called “The Adventures of Steve the Unicorn.” It’s a good motivator to get in the studio every day just to come up with hijinks for him, and he’s a good task master to keep me plugging away on things during the week. A few minutes here, an hour or two there all add up.

It has become painfully clear that I need to do a bit of studio overhauling, so that should get under way this weekend. I’ve got a new art cart coming Sunday. Spending a couple days to get things more organized for ease of painting is time well spent, even if it delays forward progress on some projects. I can’t put off the inevitable any more.

I may get some chip testing, paint prep, and possibly clearcoating done on some pieces, but a lot is contingent on how things fall into place.