Not Another Unicorn…

“Not Another Unicorn” is an ongoing series of three dimensional busts exploring this mythical creature. Utilizing faux taxidermy busts, I customize the surface to explore the mythical creature’s history, contemporary/pop culture references, and collaborate with future caretakers to create unique takes on the Unicorn.

Sparkle: The Rainbow Haired Unicorn
Crimson: The Red Unicorn
Izar: The Gothic Unicorn
Skylar: The Dream Unicorn
Luna: The Dream Unicorn
Amethyst: The Nightmare Unicorn
Yorick: The Unicorn Skull
Steve: The Unicorn Shop Mascot
Magnus: The Guardian Unicorn
The Guardian: A Sinister Protector
Aurora – A Daytime Guardian
Nocturne: A Nighttime Protector
Sabrina: A Magestic Princess
Mikey: The Pink Unicorn
Kaya: Another Dream Unicorn
Chroma: A Rare Light Unicorn
Kii: The Wizard’s Familiar Unicorn
Izar: A Stalwart Unicorn
Tonic: An Emo Unicorn
Firestorm: An Oath Keeper Unicorn
Ember: A Fire Guardian Unicorn