The Quest… Part 2


Off to the Internet I went!

Up first was Sony.  Having a bag of gear that was compatible, it was the logical starting point.  As I started looking deeper, there were some things that started to slowly whittle away at my willingness to stay in this camp, and made me think that the grass might be greener elsewhere.

Sony changed the hot shoe.  Minolta had produced a design I liked and felt it had a lot of advantages to the industry standard.  Sony decided to switch to standard, which helps level the playing field.  So, regardless of brand, I was going to be shopping for a new flash.

The changes to the mirror and and viewfinder were very intriguing.  The idea of getting a more “real time” sense of exposure before the click of the shutter is quite tempting.  Sony is doing a lot right now to converge broadcast grade cameras, with cinema grade cameras, with DSLRs.  It’s becoming quite an exciting time to see things evolve.

When I started to look further into lens compatibility, there were some limitations on autofocus with my bag of lenses.  If I decided to go with one of the mirrorless options, I would have to pick up an adapter, in addition to any limitations these Minolta lenses may pose.  I didn’t want to hamper the camera out of the gate, and I didn’t want a repeat of a strange issue I had shortly after upgrading my film camera to my Maxxum 7.

I had some third party lenses, that in order to maintain compatibility with the Maxxum 7, I would have needed to ship them off to the factory for a firmware update.  As a result, I went out and bought my first piece of Minolta glass, and didn’t look back.

Now, I don’t deny that the Sony Zeiss lenses were sorely tempting.  I’ve got a thing for German made photographic optics.  When you look closer, almost any 35mm style camera manufacturer has Zeiss lens options.  The driving force with Sony is autofocus and zoom lenses that have the pretty blue Zeiss logo.  This left me sitting on the fence more than anything else.

When I finished reading and watching reviews, I felt that I was still sitting on the fence with few reasons to make the purchase, but plenty of reasons to keep an eye on what Sony does.  Some of their options are very tempting…

So it was time to broaden the net to include Canon and Nikon.

More later…

– C

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