So, earlier in October 2015, I got a chance to head down to Monterey for the weekend.  It’s been years since I’ve been down to there.  Granted, it’s only two hours away.

That two hours makes such a difference in the quality of light.  The San Francisco Bay Area’s light quality seems to have a softer quality of light, even when it is not blanketed in clouds or fog.  Maybe it’s a difference in air quality too.

In Monterey, the light seemed to be much more harsh.  The sky was a bit more blue too.  The intensity of the sun played well with the intense colors of the various things I photographed wandering around.  It was nice to find vibrant colors, as well as things that could be photographically “quiet” and still explore some recent ideas I picked up from reading a couple of books by Jay Maisel, It’s not about the F-Stop. Trying to focus on light, color and gesture.

It was nice to take my Nikon D810 out for a spin for color, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the black & white from the Hasselblad turned out when I process it soon.

Maybe a bit more reflection on the trip after the film is done.

– C

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